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STEF&I is a brand made by and for people that truly love a good product.


Feminine comfort wear with classic shapes,

relaxed minimalism and a clean style.





Love your body, any shape,

any colour, any age.

Take pride in who you are

love your heritage



Respect the past,

be thankful for the now,

celebrate the future.



Be aware of the world around you,

of others and yourself.


Invest in classic pieces,

find that perfect dress,

often, less is more...



STEF&I is timeless, built step by step,

in order to maintain full freedom and honesty.

Modern styles, organic and with an eye on fair trade.

Simplicity lies at the heart of the collections,

mixing feminine and cool shapes.

We love fashion.

We love beautiful fabrics, soft colours and a great

workmanship. We love classic shapes with a modern twist.

Good basics with surprising details.

With this concept STEF&I started.

Made by a designer who worked in the fashion industry for many years.

Trying to find a way to set up a brand.

Showing the beauty of fashion. Timeless and with personality.


Our collection is small/ LIMITED EDITION so with

it you buy an original piece.

Also it is made  in Europe by people that love their job as much as we do.


We hope you enjoy your STEF&I



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