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Stef&I is a fully sustainable brand.

Designed and made in Europe, from high quality left over fabrics and yarns, this is how we started. We made our collection in Portugal, only from dead stock, left from high end collections, from all over the world.

In the meantime we evolved to even more sustainable. We make a selection of items in our atelier in Leiden/The Netherlands. This way you can select the fabric you like, and let us know what alterations your body type needs. So we can make that item especially for you in our atelier in the beautiful historical hart of Leiden.

In a world where fashion and textiles are one of the most polluting industries.

We want to do things different.

The concept will be to find that timeless style for you.

That item that lasts for years, and that you get attached to.

Your perfect long sleeve, your perfect short sleeve. Your perfect jogger, or perfect jog jacket.

These shapes we will make in different fabrics and different colours. To make that perfect collection.

One that you will wear through the seasons. Through the years.

As everlasting style.

Stef&I stands for style and comfort, 

a collection of  colourful, modern styles 

With a strong focus on high quality fabrics and yarns, 

craftsmanship, our environment and 

fair trade. 

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